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IRTHLY Handmade Spiritual Jewelry in the Designer Showcase

I had the good fortune to meet California jewelry designer David Alvarado at a recent Paradise City Arts Festival event. We immediately connected on a personal level, having a true passion for our craft in common.

I subsequently invited him to display pieces from his collection in my Designer Showcase at JM Scully Jewelers. He was very excited to make his jewelry available to my customers. A few of the items are pictured below.

Introducing Jewelry Designer David Alvarado

Spirit Nourishing Jewelry

David is the owner of IRTHLY Jewelled Adornments – what he describes as “Spirit-nourishing Jewelry.” Both ethically created and purposefully designed, his pieces carry philosophical messaging that serves as a reminder of our significance in the universe – such as wayfinding; grounding; nurturing; love and other meaningful sentiments that connect us with others and our environment.

David creates themed “series” pieces that can stand alone individually but match or coordinate with other pieces in each collection. The pieces in each series are designed to be meaningful at every level – for example, the intentional choice of specific metals, shapes, gemstones, rare elements and sometimes the “open spaces” have significance philosophically, ethically and environmentally.

History and Inspiration

As the son of a Master Jeweler, David grew up learning from his father how to repair and design fine jewelry. As an adult he earned a Master’s Degree in Chinese Philosophy, which helped him to connect more deeply with the type of art he wanted to create and ignited his desire to connect those creations with the environment.

One significant inspiration for David’s Collections came from “my wife’s pregnancy and my appreciation of the origins of all things” and has expanded from there. His designs, while lovely statement pieces under any circumstances, are ideal gift choices for milestone celebrations and special occasions!

IRTHLY Philosophy

IRTHLY’s commitment is “to continue our rich tradition of creating jewelry unique to the world. We strive to open the mindset of individuals to see other concepts and elements of the world as precious and represent them as the finest jewelry.

By integrating meaningful concepts and elements of our world into fine jewelry and by upholding strict standards of craftsmanship, ethics, and social responsibility, we strive to make the proud owner of an Irthly Jewelled Adornment feel and experience something unique in jewelry: a sense of mutual coexisting with your jewelry and the world.”

Awards and Recognition

David has been recognized for his talent with awards and acclaim from Vogue; La Quinta Art Celebration; American Craft Council; Rising Star Design Center; INSTORE Magazine, and many others. I am so pleased to have some of his jewelry for sale in my Designer Showcase and available on my website: Come and take a look!


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