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Engraving Custom Images on Metals

A Sentimental Journey

Photo-lasered images on precious metal can preserve special moments on charms, pendants, lockets and more. Creating this heirloom was truly a labor of love, as the couple in the photograph are my own parents. I wanted to surprise my mother with something unexpected to commemorate a recent special occasion, and I used their wedding picture as my inspiration.

A copy of the photo was laser-engraved onto a 14k yellow gold disk, which gives the photo an antiqued patina and a permanence to the image. I then engraved their wedding date on the back. The pendant now hangs from a 14k yellow gold chain, close to my mother's heart.

One of my customers was inspired by the pendant I designed for my mother and sent me a digital photo of his unborn baby's first ultrasound. He asked me to create a charm for his wife. The memory of that event is now preserved in sterling silver.


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